Super bee rescue and removal does high quality professional removal of bees. In our work we attempt to maintain a 95% or higher survival rate for the bees while eradicating the chances of another colony settling in the vacancy. Saving the bees and caring for the health of the hive while causing limited damage to private property takes focused time and skilled attention. Removals are difficult to execute well by someone who is a beginner beekeeper and who has minimal construction experience. We consider ourselves skilled tradesmen and carry a high insurance limit because dealing with thousands of stinging creatures on a ladder carries with it a high level of liability.

The bees themselves are inherently precious but not necessarily valued monetarily and there are many costs involved in rescuing a colony from a roof and relocating it, bringing it back to health and productivity. This effort is best done by someone who is a full time beekeeper. Clients often ask beginner beekeepers to remove and rescue hives only to realize that the complications caused by beginners to both facility and colony is often more expensive than what we charge at Super Bee Rescue. After doing hundreds of removals we have learned the best ways to remove the bees and have the tools and knowhow to do so. For all these reasons it is important for us to be compensated for our time and our work.

So how much does it cost?  Our costs are similar to other pest control companies in town for similar services.  We charge hourly similar to a plumber or mechanic.  I would be happy to give your a estimate email is best with a photo and description of the bees but I can also do a phone estimate.

Professional and quality bee removals are never free.*

* There are a few exceptions to this rule.  I love local non-profits and support many of them.  If your nonprofit has a bee problem and you need help.  Second exception if you really can not afford the removal we can try to come up with a creative / barter payment to help you.