Super Bee Rescue

Foster Program

Dreamed of becoming a beekeeper?

Start Now, with just a phone call!


  • Honey from your backyard
  • Pollinate fruits, veggies and flowers
  • Support local efforts to save the bees from extermination
  • Learn fascination information about the bees

The program includes:

  • We will find the perfect spot for the bees
  • Build a stand and bring the bees, goal is 2-3 hives per location but may drop to 1 hive in the winter
  • Loan of required equipment (hive boxes, frames, feeders, etc.)
  • Place a swarm trap, to catch nearby swarms
  • Routine hive inspections (average of 12 visits per year)
  • Pest management
  • Guarantee of 1 case of honey, additional processing charge for additoinal honey if available

After the first year

  • We would love if you decide to continue with us for another year
  • You can purchase the bees and equipment
  • Cancel with 30 days notice and we will remove all Super Bee equipment and bees

Additional Services you can add to your foster program

  • Honey Processing above the included amount

  • Fancy garden hives or flow hives

  • 1 on 1 beginner beekeeping lessons or apiary tours for groups (bee suits available)
  • Additional swarm traps and swarm removalsYellow jacket control
  • Price

Within 15 miles of Santa Barbara– $120 a month if you prepay for the year or add a $300 setup fee if paid monthly.

Over 15 miles price depends on drive time.  

aying yearly is our preferred payment as it makes everything easier and saves us on credit card fees.

As a live bee removal company our main goal is to rescue honey bee colony’s that would have otherwise been exterminated.  As remove beehives from neighborhoods we want to bring them back so they can continue their important work pollinating flowers. Throughout the year we accumulate rescue colonies and we are always looking for new safe environments for our bees while we restore good health in the hive. With the foster program we will be able to place these hives around Santa Barbara county.   These bees will act as a canary in the coal mine and let us know about the health of the area as well as pollinate nearby flowers. Contact Us

Wooden beehives under trees in the apiary.

*Fancy hives available at additional cost.
**Does not include honey processing over 1 case, 1 on 1 lessons, extra visits over 1 per month, our hive checks will be at our convenience and are very difficult for us to schedule in advance during the busy season.