Super Bee Rescue

The Team

We specialize in rescuing and removing bees from any and all locations with utmost care for the bees.  Focus on honey bees in Southern Santa Barbara County including Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Summerland, and Carpinteria.  Assist with bee removals in Ojai and Ventura.  Also provide consulting services for all things bee related including home visits, prevention programs, honey harvest, apiary design, experiential learning and bee tours, local organic pollination and green business integration.

Nick Wigle Owner / Operator

Nicholas Wigle began his career in beekeeping in 2009. He is viewed as an expert in the field — being called to remove wild honeybees from attics, walls, and landscapes. Nicholas’s company, Super Bee Rescue, removes hundreds of wild hives per year. The team cares for over 500 colonies, performs 450 rescues per year, and maintains 80 bee apiaries. Their clients include local businesses, celebrities and beekeepers. His team provides beekeeping consulting in Santa Barbara County, CA. Nicholas graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Business and Economics, and received his Master Beekeeping Certificate from the University of Montana.

Position Open Bee Removal Technican

Bee Removal Specialist – Requires journeyman level beekeeping skill but also knowledge of using construction tools and working at heights. Need to be able to juggle multiple jobs and tasks at the same time. You will take a lead, convert to sale with an accurate bid, perform the work and take the bees to a yard and care for them. Your ability to take on more difficult jobs and handle the complexities of bee removals will allow you to earn more commission. Being able to work with others and lead a less experienced technician will also add to your pay.

Brenda Govea Foster Beekeeper

Meet Brenda, our foster beekeeper tech; “ In 2020 I started my beekeeping journey with about half a year of commercial beekeeping, there i developed a love for working with the bees. Shortly after I went to work with another foster beekeeping company based out of Los Angeles. When my time there was up I found Super Bee here in lovely Santa Barbara. Now I help Nick care for all of his foster hives in the region and occasionally also with removals. When I’m not up on a roof chasing after bees – I’m probably still thinking and reading about them”

Dallen Harrell Commercial Beekeeper

My name is Dallen Harrell and I have 7 years of commercial beekeeping experience in California as well as the state of Montana. Specializing in Queen Breeding and maintaining hives for optimal health and production, My motto for keeping bees is, “If you take care of the bees, they will take care of you”.  I’m happy to be joining the Super Bee Crew as a Commercial Beekeeper and Queen Breeder. I’m very excited to see what the future holds.