Super Bee Rescue

The Team

We specialize in rescuing and removing bees from any and all locations with utmost care for the bees.  Focus on honey bees in Southern Santa Barbara County including Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Summerland, and Carpinteria.  Assist with bee removals in Ojai and Ventura.  Also provide consulting services for all things bee related including home visits, prevention programs, honey harvest, apiary design, experiential learning and bee tours, local organic pollination and green business integration.

Nick Wigle

Nicholas Wigle began his career in beekeeping in 2009. He is viewed as an expert in the field — being called to remove wild honeybees from attics, walls, and landscapes. Nicholas’s company, Super Bee Rescue, removes hundreds of wild hives per year. The team cares for over 400 colonies, performs 600 rescues per year, and maintains 80 bee apiaries. Their clients include local businesses, celebrities and beekeepers. His team provides beekeeping consulting in Santa Barbara County, CA. Nicholas graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Business and Economics, and received his Master Beekeeping Certificate from the University of Montana.

Tracy Goss

Tracey is a passionate and dedicated beekeeper who specializes in hive relocation. Her beekeeping journey began in North Carolina with a single backyard hive before moving to Santa Barbara to join team Super Bee in 2017. To date her relocation efforts have saved hundreds of hives and millions of honey bees from extermination. Her strong work ethic and specialized suite of skills allow her to complete complex and technical projects in a safe and effective manner. She is driven by her desire to make a difference in the local community by helping both people and the bees. When not in her bee suit, Tracey enjoys spending time outdoors at the beach, in her kayak, and at home gardening. She aspires to one day own a home that has space for plenty of beehives along with some room for a few chickens and goats.

Gretchen Heim

I grew up in New Jersey, but have been living in California since 2015. I was first drawn to this state because of the Sierras, working as a mountain guide for 7 summers. But quickly fell in love with the coast and landed in Santa Barbara in 2019. I was tired of the seasonal lifestyle of guiding and wanted a more year round permanent position, that still had the excitement of mountain guiding. I connected with Nick Wigle of Super Bee and immediately was captivated by the world of bees. I have been working with Super bee since 2019. I love my job because it connects me to nature and other people. I love to share my knowledge about honey bees and am very passionate about education. I can’t wait to share the wonderful world of bees with you!

Claire Kinsley

Claire Kingsley has been working with bees for almost 2 years. Her eagerness to learn and passion for bees grows everyday. When she’s not working with the bees you can find her outdoors doing all things active.