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Super Bee Rescue and Removal
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
by Sally on Super Bee Rescue and Removal

The best, most knowledgeable and experienced, most passionate and just plain all around great guy and Beekeeper. Truly OUTSTANDING !!! I highly recommend with no reservation.

by Stanton & Christiane Richards on Super Bee Rescue and Removal
Outstanding job

Nick is the best! He came with his assistant Tracey to look at the hive below our bathtub and explained the situation to us in detail. He also gave us a jar of honey from his own beehives. Tracey returned alone to remove the bees. She was outstanding and did a terrific and thorough job. She also gave us a plastic bag filled with chunks of honeycomb loaded with honey. We were able to "squeeze" a whole jar of honey out of them and it is unbelievably delicious. She returned a second time late in the day to catch any remaining working bees and Nick came again to secure the access panel to our tub and prevent the bees from re-entering.
We highly recommend Nick and Tracey and we feel fortunate to have them in our area to save as many bees as possible.

by Pam on Super Bee Rescue and Removal
You may call on me for a recommendation anytime

Nick and his crew did an Outstanding, professional job of removing our bees and not tearing our house apart! They were efficient, courteous and informative, and I am delighted to know that this business exists!

by Joy DuMay on Super Bee Rescue and Removal
Super Bee is Super!

Nick came out and removed a hive in my jacuzzi. He was amazing! The Bee Whisperer indeed. He took out the hive so gently without gloves, mask or other apparel, just a smoke jar and non-toxic bee repellant. As he removed the hive he taught me so much with his knowledge about the Queen being a Stiletto in Heels, about how bears seek baby bees and not honey, and so much more. If you want someone who cares about bees and the environment and not killing either, Nick is your man. Truly a treasure.

by Susan A. on Super Bee Rescue and Removal

Nick is AMAZING!!! Bees had entered my bedroom and I wanted to be sure to save the hive because bees are endangered in so many places. Nick came right away and he solved the problem!!! THANK YOU NICK! And he even brought me a jar of the best honey I have ever tasted as a gift! THANK YOU NICK!

by Pat Fish on Super Bee Rescue and Removal
Community Asset

Nick working in our community is a fabulous asset, giving people conscious of the need to protect bee populations a resource to count on for efficient professional assistance. He is very knowledgeable, capable, and clever; so he can approach tricky removals with the best combination of experienced technique and ethical focus.

by Michelle S. on Super Bee Rescue and Removal
Review from Facebook

Thank you so much for the Bee Man coming to relocate an extremely large hive in our backyard. Our eight year old watched intently out of the window and even got a bag of honeycomb! We got quite an education and now the bees are happy on a ranch and we are happy to have our yard back!

by Suz on Super Bee Rescue and Removal

"I am so glad Nick was available to handle our bee problem. He carefully and efficiently was able to remove bees from an interior wall. He explained everything - what he was going to do and why. Clearly very knowledgeable and experienced and well equipped for the task. A very nice person to work with and fairly priced."

by Jim P. on Super Bee Rescue and Removal
Review from Facebook

great organization dedicated to saving bees for us and saving us from yellow jackets

by Meghan W. on Super Bee Rescue and Removal
Review from Yelp

Nick was fantastic! Came to my property right away, found the source of food the yellow jackets were going for, put traps up and told me how to handle the explosion in yellow jacket population we are seeing this year. He was quick, personable, delightful to work with. Can recommend highly.

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