Frequently asked questions.

Where do you keep your bees?
  • We keep our bees in orchards in Goleta, Santa Barbara and Carpinteria.
Do you sell honey?
  • No, most of the honey that our bees produce goes to clients included in the foster parent program.
Do you kill the bees?
  • Absolutely not! We only perform live bee removal. We go to great lengths to insure safe relocation of honey bees, bumble bees and other pollinators.
Do you remove bees for free?
  • No. We charge for our provided services. Bee removal is not easy and takes skill and knowledge of bee behavior, and often structural demolition with repairs. It involves risks to injury and costs such as equipment, tools, gas, and valuable time.
  • See here for reasons why: 
  • Free Removal Exceptions may apply to local non-profits.
  • Please do not kill the bees. We want to save every single hive.
  • Ask us about our payment plan.
Are they wasps or bees?
  • Call an expert to identify any stinging insect. Often times honey bees are mistaken for wasps or Yellowjackets and vice verse.
My yard is very small. Can I still foster bees?

Absolutely! You don’t need a yard at all. We have multiple locations where we keep bees on roofs. You can also participate in fostering bees through our CSA program.

How can I support pollinators (whether I have a hive or not)?
  1. Have a water source in your yard. example- bird bath with some sticks or stones for the bees to land on. Bees need to drink water too!
  2. Plant a variety of flora that blooms at different times of year. This provides pollinators with a nectar flow all year long.
  3. Support local beekeepers! Buy local honey from farmers market.
  4. Make sure you are using pollinator friendly forms of landscaping (no pesticides, or other chemicals harmful to bees). Exposure to pesticides in colonies can result in death or weaken the bees immune systems making them more susceptible to other diseases/pests.