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Nick and his crew did an Outstanding, professional job of removing our bees and not tearing our house apart! They were efficient, courteous and informative, and I am delighted to know that this business exists!

Super Bee is Super!

Nick came out and removed a hive in my jacuzzi. He was amazing! The Bee Whisperer indeed. He took out the hive so gently without gloves, mask or other apparel, just a smoke jar and non-toxic bee repellant. As he removed the hive he taught me so much with his knowledge about the Queen being a Stiletto in Heels, about how bears seek baby bees and not honey, and so much more. If you want someone who cares about bees and the environment and not killing either, Nick is your man. Truly a treasure.

Nick is AMAZING!!! Bees had entered my bedroom and I wanted to be sure to save the hive because bees are endangered in so many places. Nick came right away and he solved the problem!!! THANK YOU NICK! And he even brought me a jar of the best honey I have ever tasted as a gift! THANK YOU NICK!

Community Asset

Nick working in our community is a fabulous asset, giving people conscious of the need to protect bee populations a resource to count on for efficient professional assistance. He is very knowledgeable, capable, and clever; so he can approach tricky removals with the best combination of experienced technique and ethical focus.

Review from Facebook

Thank you so much for the Bee Man coming to relocate an extremely large hive in our backyard. Our eight year old watched intently out of the window and even got a bag of honeycomb! We got quite an education and now the bees are happy on a ranch and we are happy to have our yard back!

"I am so glad Nick was available to handle our bee problem. He carefully and efficiently was able to remove bees from an interior wall. He explained everything - what he was going to do and why. Clearly very knowledgeable and experienced and well equipped for the task. A very nice person to work with and fairly priced."

Review from Facebook

great organization dedicated to saving bees for us and saving us from yellow jackets

Review from Yelp

Nick was fantastic! Came to my property right away, found the source of food the yellow jackets were going for, put traps up and told me how to handle the explosion in yellow jacket population we are seeing this year. He was quick, personable, delightful to work with. Can recommend highly.

Review 10/26/2015

Nick the Beekeeper did an amazing job removing and rescuing the bees under our Home Depot Tuff Shed. When the bees first arrived, we thought it'd be cool to have them there. However, because they are attracted to light, they'd fly into our house and buzz around. It wasn't working for us anymore. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Nick was very familiar with the Tuff Shed situation. He moved the bees quickly and efficiently and it's really nice to know they are alive and well at his ranch ready to be adopted by a qualified beekeeper. Thanks, Nick!

Review 5/3/2015

Nick helped me remove a wild swarm from one of my neighbors trees and help me get started with beekeeping! I had a hive box from a neighbor and with little more then a few minutes of absolutely amusing effort, Nick and I had transfered the wonderful swarm into the new box to not only remove them from my neighbors tree, but also to rescue them and further preserve the local bee population. His enthusiasm and knowledge brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. It was a great experience, If you need a swarm dealt with, Super Bee is the call you ought to make!

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