Super Bee Santa Barbara Bee Removal and Bee Rescue

Super Bee Santa Barbara Bee Removal
Super Bee Santa Barbara Bee Removal

We are the premier Santa Barbara Bee Removal company. Licensed, Insured, and have saved thousands of honey bee hives.

We perform Santa Barbara’s safest live bee removal.  We can also solve your yellow jacket or other stinging insect problems.

We specialize in high, difficult and complicated Rescues

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Please be ready to provide name, location of bees, height, and length of time at the location.

Since 2009 we have we have been saving bees that would otherwise be exterminated.  We work with The County of Santa Barbara, multiple local cities, property managers, schools, utility companies, pest control companies and local homeowners.  Please check out our review page for a few of our customer comments.  Our blog lists just a few of the removals we have done.

We do not perform free removals but instead perform high quality work with utmost care for both the bees and people and concern for the property we are working on.

Please contact us to get on your vendor list as we have required insurance and licenses.  Our clients include property management companies, cities, counties, and homeowners.

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Saving the world one bee at a time – Call us at 805-881-3031 to Save the Bees