Swarm traps are an effective method of capturing feral bee colonies. The trap has been carefully designed to mimic the size, material, and entrance preferences of the Honey Bee.

The trap can be painted any color desired, as the bees have shown no preference other than it helps to have contrast between the dark hole and the front of the box. I prefer lighter colors such as white or tan.

How to hang your swarm trap.

The swarm trap has a handle with a hole, which is perfect for hanging the trap with nail or screw. The nail or screw is easy to attach to a wall or tree. A second option is to use rope or chain to attach the handle to a tree. Then use a ratchet strap or tie down around the swarm trap and use wood shims to keep the hive level.

 Where to place the swarm trap

The best place to put a swarm trap is a location that has had a hive move in. For example, any place that a bee removal has been completed. This is because there is a high likelihood that there is a mother colony within swarm traveling distance and the bees searching found that spot to be the best out of all available homes.

If this is not an option, then I use bee patterning to place the trap in a location that has the highest likelihood of attracting the swarm.

  • Tree or building line edge where there is a change from open area to forest or taller buildings
  • 6-14 feet above the ground (Lower is safer.  If you can avoid using a ladder it is recomended )
  • Entrance facing south or south east
  • Prefer semi shaded in the middle of the day visible as the bees fly by
  • Best locations are along creeks or near water sources.