While you are researching bee removal costs I wanted to give a couple of common situations and ballpark estimates of what the bee removal could cost. The size of the colony, how long they have been there, public safety issues and the height are common issues that can change the cost.

Swarm removal – A swarm is a ball of bees without comb that has been in a location for 72 hours or less. They are not in anything but instead resting on the outside. 1.5 hrs x $150 = $225

Bees in a irrigation box

Bees in a irrigation box, owl box, bird house, compost bin or any other space where they are limited in how big they can grow. 2 hrs @ $150 = $300

Bees in a chimney, roof or trunk of a tree. This is where things start to get complicated. Often these tougher removals require 2 or more people to solve safely. $250 x 3 hrs. Prices start at $750 and can go up from there. Usually each month the bees are left it adds about a hour of work. A boom lift or scaffolding adds a additional $300.

Bees in a chimney