Colony of Bees with Queen (AKA Nuc)


•The $100 payment is a 50% deposit on a colony of bees. Final payment due at pickup. 1. A colony of bees! Most beginners do not realize that to get bees you need to reserve them early and now is the time. You can buy bees online but we think a better idea is to get a colony of 4 frames of bees with a 2022 laying queen directly from us. We make splits from our bees in March and they are ready for pickup July 23rd. This year we are going to have 1 Saturday pickup for all colonies. A package or a swarm is the hardest way to get started but a nucleus colony is much better. The cost will be $200 plus on $20 deposit on box and frames. Order now by going to our website then click on shop to put down a 50% deposit. Payment below is your deposit. Payment in full plus deposit on box and frames due at pickup. Square may email you with a different pickup date but July 23rd is correct.



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