Items for Sale

Super Bee /  Bee Thinking Top Bar Bee Hive – $550

Western Red Cedar Assembled hive with screened bottom board and stand. Expertly finished and sanded.  Roof and stand is protected by marine grade Varnish and hive body protected with linseed oil.

top bar hive toptopbar window

Super Bee Swarm Trap – $75

The perfect size and design to catch swarms in our area.  Swarm Traps help keep bee from building a hive where you don’t want them and beekeepers a source of great genetics.

swarm trap

Super Bee Langstroth Hive – $125

Assembled painted 10 frame langstroth hive with migratory top and bottom board.  10 wooden frames with plastic foundation.

langstroth hive

Wildflower / Rescue Honey – $16 a lbs.

When we rescue bees from somewhere they are not wanted we end up with extra honey.  It is a sweet reward for saving the bees.