How to choose a professional to perform live bee removal in Santa Barbara, CA

Anyone can perform live bee removals. Bees are exempt from the structural pest control license requirements. This means that anyone can advertise to do bee removals. Below are my suggestions for choosing someone how will do a good job solving your bee problem.

Honey Bee Removal
  • Insurance – This is the most important factor because when dealing with stinging insects almost anything can go wrong and this will protect you and your home. You do not want someone who is uninsured up on a ladder dealing with 1000’s of stinging insects when you or your neighbors could be stung if something goes wrong.
    • Super Bee is fully insured
  • Experience – Each bee removal is different and it is important to ask if they have done this type of removal before and what percent successfully was removed. Also ask how likely it is that someone is going to get stung. I think it is important to ask how many removals the person has performed.
  • Reviews – Some of the best references are online reviews. Even a few negative can give good information but no reviews at all are a very bad sign. Check Google, yelp and Facebook for reviews.
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  • Business performance – Customer service is extremely important in this in live bee removals because you need to trust the person who is solving your stinging insect problem. Do they call you back quickly, answer calls and emails, professional vehicle, clothing, etc.
    • I started my first business 26 years ago and have been a entrepreneur ever since.
Other stinging insects

What about Yellow Jackets, Mud Daubers, and Paper Wasps? These wasps have more of an attitude problem than honeybees. There is not a license requirement to perform a live removal. But without a license they cannot use Moth balls, wasp spray, or any other pesticide. The same rules as above apply, although because most people do not desire to save the wasps you could hire a pest control company.

To perform proper wasp removal the following are best practices.

  1. Service done in the dark either at sunrise or sunset when all the wasps are home. During the day up to 50% of the wasps could be out foraging, upon returning they will not be happy to find their home destroyed. Many pest control companies only work 9-5 so they spray the area and hope for the best.
  1. Nest needs to be removed. Inside the wasp nest is baby wasps and if the nest is not removed it can be reactivated when they hatch.

3.  Return to check the area for safety in the next few days.  There is always a few stragglers so it is important to recheck before clearing the area.

Thank you for reading and hopefully the above information will help you choose professional bee expert for the job.  I believe that Super Bee Rescue is the best company in  Santa Barbara, Ca to solve your problem.