Honey Bee Swarm Removal – Super Bee Rescue – $150 (Santa Barbara)

Santa Barbara’s Safest Live Bee Removal by a Professional Beekeeper.  We are experts in swarm removal!

We can remove and relocated a swarm of bees as described below for only $150. We are licensed, insured and have performed 1000s of live removals.

A swarm is half of a colony of bees with a queen that is looking for a new home. They form a ball as pictured below and stay for 72 hours or less.

If the bees are inside of something or have been there for longer than 72 hours it is not a swarm but a hive. We can safely remove hives as well. Contact us for a estimate at the phone number above or superbeerescue.com

Swarm Removals over 15 ft or from public areas are extra.

We normally answer the phone within 15 minutes and can respond quickly, even same day in most cases. M-F 9 am – 9 pm. Weekends by

Apt. or for emergencies.

Many beekeepers recommend leaving the bees alone as they will leave after 72 hours in most cases. It is our experience that they always go somewhere, usually nearby, and it is very common for them to build inside a home. Capturing swarms prevents the bees from going into a unwanted and more expensive location.

CAUTION: Do not under any circumstance use wasp spray on bees as it rarely kills all of them and those left will be very defensive. Most attempts to get rid of bees that are done incorrectly will lead to a more difficult and expensive removal / repairs. Check references before hiring any beekeeper.